Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leave EGO outside your feelings...

People get separated one from eachother. This is the way life goes. Some periods are short but some are long. And, because we are human, we were born with this feeling inside our hearts and minds - we feel that we miss persons we love, we live with, or we only get to know for a short period. We were programed to live with this feeling inside us. But what God didn't program was the way people show this to the others... Therefore, nobody can judge a forbidden 'I miss you' said in a moment of total sincerity, or in a moment when we let our great Ego asside. Ego makes me tired. Ofcourse, it is so nice for the heart when this words come back to your ears, making you feel you have no guilt of feeling this inside. Some other people keep this feeling inside untill they are full of it, they become sad and they take the decision to burst it out. So they find simple or complicated solutions.
We all hear about big love stories, we all listen to them, but never take the time to take care of our own. 'I miss you' is a proof of feelings of great value, kept inside of a human, that can bearly find the courage to say it out loud....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby did a bad, bad thing...

' -Who's Baby?
-Baby's ...cold. Baby's running to the point of no return. Baby's hiding away, in the corner of her weakend soul.
-Why, Baby?
-Baby did a bad, bad thing.... '

So, she got up from the bed, took her bag and ran outside in the world. Too much thoughts, too much narrow streets, too many shadows of the past behind her. Baby runs with no direction.

' -Where to, Baby?'

Baby stops.
' -It's time Baby stops. Baby stop! Stop, i said! '
Now she's HOME, no lights, no wind, only solitude and a whisper of a nice memory...