Sunday, June 28, 2009

To be fair.../ A fi cinstit...

It's still a nice Sunday. Quiet and a little sunny. No driving, no work, not a lot of things to do... Then what do you do when you have time on your hands?

I don't know about you all, but i think a lot. I think about he world arround me, about people and how things happen and then change, all of a sudden. Today i thought about how hard it is to be honest and fair. In any kind of situation, weather it's about a relationship, work or family, being fair is important. For me. But who am i to judge?

As i grow old, i find out that i'm not perfect. And even if i would like to think that all through my life i was onest and fair, it's time to addmit that i wasn't. But at least i have tried....

Usually, i hate when i see or feel deshonest stuff happening. I fight against them, but this takes a lot of my energy. I shouldn't even bother.
I guess that if one is not fair, somebody else will be harmed or affected, even in the smallest way. We choose to close our eyes to things that we know affect otheres, when inside we keep the power to make things correct.
Maybe not being fair has become a rule of life, but again, who am i to judge?

In the end, is it that hard to be fair?

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