Friday, August 14, 2009

Let Love Rule...

I really enjoyd the weather from the last days. It was not too hot, but not too cold. Perfect for my feelings. My feelings of love, hate, memories and happy thoughts. I became nostalgical and reminiced times that are now in the past forever. I let them there, because to me they are now only memories. That's what the past becomes - memories. People change their life with simple words or by following short instincts. People decide what is good for them with only one blink of an eye. This way they start to love eachother, maybe children are born, families come together and life evoluates. But at some point you stop and wonder: How did i come here? When did all this things happen? What was i doing with my life? If you are lucky enough to find a way of life that you love, then you must be lucky enough to find also the courage to start living it!
Remember when you were in love for the first time? It was very hard to put an end to it, but after that the love went away and you didn't even notice... Or maybe the first love you had is right now standing beside you, looking at you with big eyes that give you the same feeling like at the beginning...
Love comes, Love goes. If you try to stop it, you become unhappy.

Let love rule...!!!

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