Monday, February 09, 2009


Since it is a fairly common feature of people in general, I decided to write about it today. When it comes to people, I like to search deep within their very essence, therefore I thought that the one thing we all keep hidden and we consider a sign of weakness, is our vulnerability. In those moments in which vulnerability is shown, as people, we get a chance to really know personalities around us; for it is the appropriate moment for confessions and also displays of sensibility. And surprises just keep on coming because vulnerability is like a gateway of the human soul. It must not be looked upon as a bad thing, because being sensitive does not mean not being strong, and under no circumstances does it mean that people should take advantage of such moments. And because we are people, and not robots, nobody forbids us to display sensibility or to unmask our true personalities in front of everybody else. A while ago I've asked a man if he ever cries and he said "No. Never." I realized that he was lying. We cannot act indifferently to the bad things that happen around us. In the end this is the way we are, with both good and bad, and masks are merely an option.

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