Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 in 1


2 in 1 - this is what everybody wants in life. Starting from detergent, ending with our personal life.
But 2 in 1 is not easy to create. People search for this feeling everyday, and maybe they find it. But their search is not intentionally. They are guided by their hearts, not their minds. And what I'm writing about is not a pattern, because it can happen. YES, IT CAN HAPPEN! 2 in 1 is not a love story you see when going to the movies at the mall. It is not when you see a couple on the street kissing and hugging. 2 in 1 is something you can be lucky to feel. When you get to this point, then you don't take into consideration other things that belong to the mind. Because this is the moment when your heart, your full of wishes heart is beating like a drum and kicks out the mind. This is about your soul.
Being alive is a gift not everybody has. Some don't even get the chance to see the light of day, some hold their lovers hand before death, using their last breath to show how they feel. Some people say that when '2 in 1' happens, this is a stage of temporary insanity. But what a nice feeling this 'insanity' is! Takes you from the ground 0 and makes you fly above all the others! Makes the passion inside you burst over all thoughts and fears that your mind keeps hidden. And then, must you not have fear! Must you not keep hidden how you feel, but act exactly how you want. You will get lost in this feeling. Nobody will judge...
When you give a rose to a woman, give not one, but two. One will be for her love, and the other will be for her forever friendship. And as you will grow old in age, maybe you will find out that people around you change. Also you will change. What will not go away will be this '2 in 1', that keeps you alive!

My post ends like this: God gave man 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 legs, but He gave us only ONE HEART! Why? .... Because the other heart is for us to find.

now...i go to sleep. usually people fall asleep to dream, because dreams are nicer than reality. Well, i have passed this moment. Now i am living what i had dreamed about!
...Noape Buna!

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