Friday, May 15, 2009

How crazy is'Crazy'? / Cat de crazy e 'Crazy'?


-"Crazy" is a song performed by American hard rock band Aerosmith and written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Desmond Child.
-"Crazy" is a ballad composed by Willie Nelson. It has been recorded by several artists, most notably by Patsy Cline, whose version was a #2 country hit in 1962.

...but also Crazy is:

- brainsick: affected with madness or insanity;
- bizarre or fantastic;
- someone deranged and possibly dangerous
- with great excitement or rage, foolish, wild, fantastic

'Craziness is not necesarely a bad thing, it just... is. And some people dare be crazy, while most wouldn't dream of putting one foot sideways from their usual path.'
Maybe that's what crazy is: to want to be free. A lot of people wouldn't cross the street for it...


Anonymous said...

Din categoria "fuck me, I'm famous" ;)

Anonymous said...

From my point of view, crazy means feeling good about yourself. And if this involves being a middle aged woman wearing a teenager t-shirt and dyeing your hair purple to much of the rest of society's outrage, then so be it.

People should learn to differentiate between plain outrageous and harmful.

P.S.: this doesn't mean I condone the lack of taste perpetuating itself in this country though :D